Our Kid Staff


Piper                         Skylar

Editor-in-Chief        Co-publisher                  10 years old             10 years old

NH                            NH

Rowan                      Scout

Cartoonist               Cartoonist

9 years old               10 years old

NH                            NH

Owen                       OLIVER

Writer                      Writer

12 years old            8 years old

NH                            NH

Cece                       Naomi 

Writer                     Writer

9 years                   10 years old

NH                          ME


Carter                     Ziggy

Cartoonist             Meme Artist

11 years old          11 years old 

NH                         NH 

Cooper                  Aspen

Writer                    Chef

7 years old            9 years old

NH                         NH




About our Kid Staff

Our kid staff, is a great team. They think about new ideas, they think  about creative ideas, they are fast writers, and they Know what needs to be done. They are great! I would say they are the best reporters anybody could ask for. I would give them a five star review, if I was a viewer. They know what needs to be done and they do it. The kids are the people who write this whole entire newspaper! 

Interested in contributing to the paper? Send us an email and an idea about what you'd like to do! Don't have an idea, that's okay. We're a team, we can help you come up with one! 

Our Kid Staff

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