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These days you might be feeling a little bit of sadness. You know people all over the world are going crazy about the coronavirus and probably your parents are too. You aren’t able to see your BFFs, friends, and people you usually hang out with. It isn’t fun is it? 


That's why we decided to make this paper to keep you company and give you something fun to read. There are weekly comics, columns, memes, stories, and photos to keep you smiling and articles on news, science, sports and opinions to keep you informed. Plus, look for neat projects to do while you’re stuck at home, along with recipes and book or movie reviews—all of this for kids by kids!

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Read along, laugh, smile, learn and try new things while you're stuck at home. Send us a note or join in and contribute to the paper. We're glad you're here!

About the Team

Meet the kids behind the project: a team of elementary and middle school students inspired to come together in a creative way when social distancing interrupted their regular ways of life.


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